Getting the Most from the Book of Me – “Master Class”

Course Structure

  1. Examining and Understanding your writing voice
  2. Choosing how you are going to tell your story
  3. Understanding your written style
  4. Understanding the use of text, pictures and interactive material
  5. Understanding the tone  – A Written Portrait
  6. What can this mean for you?
  7. Spreading the word & Sharing your work
  8. Other Considerations

Course Delivery

  1. The Course is delivered live via the Internet thus allowing for global participation (using Google+)
  2. Course length is about 6 hours (with some flexibility for comfort breaks)
  3. Maximum of 9 in a group – I try to run the event with those who are in the same time zone (WorldTimeBuddy)
  4. Cost is £40.00  (including access to video of event (restricted to participants) and any PDF handouts)
  5. To see when the next course is in your time zone please complete the form below
  6. Payment will be via Paypal once an invoice has been issued.

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